Sunday, July 18, 2010

Murmers of a Mermaid ...

I did this today as my niece requested that I do blue, purple and green LOL random but I changed it up and did aquas with a pop of purple.  Anyways my other niece said i looked like a mermaid with my make-up and the red hair LOL i wish tho.  I love Arielle, she was one of my favorite Disney Princesses along with Jasmine.

OH and I've gotten emails of where I buy my make-up and such because its limited or another brand name beside MAC and blahhh .... well i've been buying make-up for some years now but you can use whatever have!  Its make-up don't limit yourself.  If you really want something thats limited check a CCO they might have it or check MAC's permanent line or branch out to other brands.  Honestly there is not really such a unique color out there that can't be duped.  My MUD products i got because i went to school there many moons ago.  They have 2 stores 1 in Cali & 1 in NYC.  AND they are being picked up by salons.  If you want to check out their products or buy online check out the MUD shop. BEN NYE can also be found online but i have never order it online so IDK what online store you should order from sorry =/.

MUFE white flash color
MAC shadows-- Vanilla, Aquadisiac, Cool Heat, Gulf Stream, Creme de Violet, Parfait Amour, Climate Blue, Carbon
MUD cosmetics Pixi shadow (its like a smoother MAC motif color)
L'oreal Liner intense liquid liner in carbon black
ELF brightening eyeliner in black
LANCOME cils booster
L'oreal Voluminous mascara in Black
COVERGIRL lashblast fusion in Very Black
NYX brow powder duo in dark brown

MAC face & body c2
MAC select cover-up NC20/30
MUD cosmertics loose powder in zero & buttercream
MAC eversun blush
MUD cosmetics warm bisque blush
Bare Minerals genuine jade powder

MAC enchantress lipglass
LANCOME simmer juicy tube

thats all my loves!  questions, comments or concerns always appreciated! and if anything tweet me i'll get back to you ASAP =]

love & lipgloss

8 loving:

KrySTYLES said...

All of your looks never cease to amaze me! great job Beverly! Makes me want to work harder on my blending!

glam doll lumi said...

love it! great color combo and amazing blending.

April said...

you pull off nude lips so well! and you are so freaking good with makeup application haha

Yourz Truly Jess said...

lovely blog!! I love all your wonderful bold post! your work is absolutely amazing!!

TiffanyMonet said...

I love it!! You did an Great Job! xo T

I ♥ FaShMeTiK said...

wow..!! :D

Beverly said...

thanks you dolls! it means so much to have people that love what i do!

Anonymous said...

wow this made your eyes pop out so much! I love your cut crease looks and your brows!


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