Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten....

 Today marks the 9th year since singer Aaliyah tragically lost her life and I can still remember that day like yesterday even tho I was young.  I could remember dressing up like her and parting my hair on one side to cover my eye just like her.  I used to steal my sisters Wet & Wild liners and lipsticks to copy some of her make-up looks from videos. One summer I spent with my grandparents in Guatemala and I LOVED Are you that somebody and they had no extended cable I used to sneak to my aunt's house like 5 blocks away just to see the video.  

 Its sad to see such a talented person lose their life.  You can only wonder where her career would've gone if she was still alive today.  She'd def. have changed the R&B music scene from what it is today.

RIP babygirl


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