Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drugstore Finds

I'm always envious of those who are close to drugstores that update their make-up sections frequently.  Maybe thats why I never get into drugstore make-up until I started blogging.  Well the other night I stop by the Rite-Aid by my house and they FINALLY put in the new Wet & Wild display which has been out for months now.  I have seen many Blogger Babes reviewing the lipsticks so I picked one up.  They also had a display with new Color Icon polishes that were all dark and vampy, perfect for fall.  AND finally they had the NYC summer stuff out LOL. 

Left - Right:  Wet & Wild Color Icon Polishes in Prowler & Blue Jitters, NYC Blushable Creme Sticks in Wild Berry & Pink Flash, Wet & Wild Matte lipstick in 901B

Wet & Wild Blue Jitters (last 2 fingers) -- black base with blue glitter (3 coats)

Wet & Wild Prowler (first 2 fingers) -- Black base w/ fuchsia glitter (3 coats)  like MAC young punk mes in polish form

Both polishes were $1.99 each.  I'm on the fence about them but idk why just yet.  These were just quick swatches so idk how they were.  I've never bought Wet & Wild polish before so idk how they compare to the other polishes.

Wet & Wild Matte lipstick in 901B ($2.99)  -- soft yellow-based pink

It didn't seem drying on the swatch & honestly if it didn't say matte I wouldn't consider it as such.  Its supposed to last 4 hours but I have yet to actually use it.

NYC Blushable Creme Stick ($3.99) Pink Flash

NYC Blushable Creme Stick ($3.99) Wild Berry

I hardly ever wear creme blushes.  I just don't like them but since these were so inexpensive i decided to give them a try.  They are actually very pigmented for the price.  I can't say if these are long lasting because I have yet to try them BUT a trick for making creme products long lasting is to set them with a powder.  

I'll get back to you guys with how the products work out.  What are some of your recent drugstore purchases and how do you like them???


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Leah ♥ said...

great haul!!! I love allll those colors!

Make up by Yass said...


Sue said...

lovely buys I really liked the pinky lippie

Beverly said...

@leah thanks doll

@makeup by yass but i'm so jelly of all u lovely UK ladies because u guys have better drugstore stuff like Barry M & Sleek =[

@Sue i'm going to trying it out and let you kno how it wears it kinda reminds me of MAC creamsheens =]

Kelly said...

Nice haul! I wish we had wet n wild over here, but in New Zealand the drugstore brands cost nearly the same as MAC!

Khristine said...

Beverly! I totally want the lippie and Pink Flash creme blush!

it sucks that it's sold out though (the blushstick) and i can never find the lippie! :(


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