Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Fancy huh ...

I wish girls wouldn't stare so hard when they see me at 2pm with a full face of make-up, hair done, and dressed LIKE a normal person.  I mean damn I should be staring at them like they're the weird ones looking like they rolled out bed mid afternoon.  Don't Hate, CONGRATULATE! LOL #justsaying

ANYWAYS idk what to call my look today Which I Loved once it was finished =]  It reminds me of the Nars Rajasthan Duo that I was going to buy during the Sephora friends and family sale.  Oh Well I'll get something else instead.  Sorry for the lack of reviews I haven't purchased any make-up lately =/  I'm moving soon so once I get situated in my NEW home which I'm so excited for I'll get back on the ball.  I have so many ideas for my room which I haven't even seen so i'll have to see before I can finalize my design. I'm so excited & I know I'll be happier there =]  My furniture is BLACK so if anyone has any ideas send it over! I'm always open for more ideas!!!

OH and I got a haircut with my mom yesterday.  I like it lots.  I got about 5 inches off so my hair is so healthy right now.  You can't really see it in the pictures as I usually take pictures when my iron is heating up 

MUFE white flash color
WET 'N' WILD Brulee Eyeshadow (highlight)
MAC Pigments -- Vanilla (inner corner),  Teal (lower lashline)
MAC Shadows -- Warming Trend (lid), Plumage (crease)
URBAN DECAY perversion eyeshadow (outer edge)
URBAN DECAY 24/7 liner in Flipside
NYC Liquid Liner in Black
L'OREAL Voluminous in Blackest Black
ELF brightening liner in Black

NYX Brow Powder duo in Dark Brown
Koh Gen Do Concealer in #4

MAC Face & Body C2
MAC Select Cover-up NC20/30
MUD loose powders in Zero & Buttercream
MAC msf natural in dark
NYX taupe blush
MAC Cubic Blush
MAC vanilla pigment

MAC Underage Lipglass


9 loving:

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Soo pretty! You blend so so jealous! haha

Yourz Truly Jess said...

screw them chicks they have no clue what true beauty it! Makeup brings out ones natural beauty and you do it well! love this look!

meliza said...

i loveeee and the cubic blush love...

MakeupJunkie88 said...

dont u just luv haters!!! lol i laugh at them...luv the look!!!! ur very talented!

Beverly said...

thanks ladies! I'd rather people come right up and say i love/ hate what you do than stare OH WELL =]

@miss nikka thanks girl I appreciate the love

@Jess yes! if people worried about getting themselves together they'd look decent oh well we pretty girls know that make-up is love

@meliza i LOVE cubic blush its a pretty neutral pink perfect for smokey looks or everyday blush

@makeupjunkie88 LOL! yes! I always find it funny that its the ones that roll outta bed that stare but thank you =]

Susie said...

Gorgeous eyes!

Glamorous Glory said...

love it gurl

Dhalia said...

Love it!!! And you are so true!

ERiCA said...

Real nice look, like the glowy cheeks! You should definitely do some tutorials...


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