Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its Like Xmas Exploded onto Your Nails

I love holiday time for things other than the gifts (tho i LOVE presents LOL!)  When I saw China Glaze's Holiday sets I knew i had to find them.  I usually get all my China Glaze stuff at Sally's but I'm fed up with them.  [SB:  I've been going to the same sally's for over 5 years longer than that probably.  YET the manager still follows me around like I'm some sort or criminal.  I DO NOT & have NOT stolen anything ever!  She's so obnoxious & rude with her side comments I'm over it!] Well I jumped for joy when I saw the giftsets at my professional only beauty supply.  I snatched one set up quick!

JOLLY HOLLY-- Emerald Green w/light green shimmers

PHAT SANTA -- True Red jelly cream

PARTY HEARTY-- mix of red, green, silver & gold glitter

SWATCHES--  THUMB: Phat Santa , POINTER: Phat Santa + Party Hearty, MIDDLE: Party Hearty, RING: Jolly Holly + Party Hearty, PINKY: Jolly Holly

[SB: i'm going to buy some nail wheels to use instead next time LOL]

I used 3 coats for all fingers.  Phat Santa is a cross between a jelly & a cream.  Jolly Holly has a light green shimmer sheen.  Party Hearty is only glitter.   


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Shaylee Anne said...

Haha! I love the name of the post because thats actually what it looks like! I would love to wear this during the holidays though! :)

JillieCat said...

That looks hot love it!

spifftiff88 said...

I recently bought Party Hearty and I can't wait to wear it but I just won't let myself til December! haha

MakeupJunkie88 said...

I saw those yesterday at Sallys..thee pretty =)my fav is the glittery one..

Glamorous Glory said...


Beverly said...

@Shaylee Anne ME 2! I just swatched them but I can't wait til december to put them to good use! I might just bust them out sooner =]

@JillieCat I loved this set! It was so cute!

@SpiffTiff88 I'm trying the same thing!

@Make-upJunkie88 Oh the finally got them there??? I've had this set for about a month already but I asked at Sally's & the looked at me like i had 5 heads

@Glam Glory Get It! Its so pretty & festive

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Awwww pretty colors, especially the green one :) I love Christmas :)

Nail wheels are so handy, not only for blogging, but also for knowing what nail polishes you got ;)


Beverly said...

@stavroula know right they are so pretty! i cant wait till December


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