Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look What I found...

So after weeks of stalking my local Rite Aid, CVS, & Walgreens for these I finally found....

I was so EXCITED when I found these.  I was going to pick up all 4 because Walgreens was having the 50% off sale.  But apparently I soon found out that was not so.  When I asked the girl in the cosmetics department she said NO.  I showed her the ad in the flier which said All Wet & Wild Cosmetics 50% off, so she proceed to call some guy that was on his way out.  He was so nasty when he responded to my question.  His tone was demeaning & his response was that it was a "holiday set".  Before I could even get anything out he proceeded to leave.  I almost didn't buy them but they are the ONLY place in my area that I have seen them at.  I don't like places that give bad customer service ESPECIALLY when I frequent & recommend them to others.  I go out of my way to this same Walgreens many of times even tho I live down the street from a Rite Aid & CVS.  Well that is NO MORE!

I've heard mixed responses from other Bloggers who have gotten the discount & some who haven't.  Also in the Holiday Collection they have nailpolish duos.  I was going to pick some up but again my experience prevented me from doing so.  When my Rite Aid puts them out I shall pick them up because the were pretty & sparkly. 
I LOVED all these palettes.  The texture was smooth and pigmented.  No duds.  Can't wait to put them to use tomorrow well later today.  I am happy I decided to get them i'll probably get the other one soon.

I'll post more pictures, swatches & dupes later today!


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Steph said...

My Walgreens didn't give me the discount either. :( I was really excited to get them half priced, but at least the quality is on-par!

Keisha said...

Omg! I'm on my way to Walgreens tomm!

I BLEED PINK said...

Thats so CRAZY that your Wal-Greens didn't give you the discount. I saw them on Sunday and saw the 50% off sticker. It didn't automatically ring up with the discount, but the girl at the counter just manually did it. The sign I saw at the store said ALL wet and wild were on sale.

That sucks that you had to deal with such rude people!

MakeupJunkie88 said...

I want to get those...except i dont get paid till next tuesday..booooo...but im sorry for the mean guy...i would cussed him out!! LOL

Beverly said...

They are def. great for the price but you can't help the savvy shopper in me wanting the discount!

@Make-Up Junkie i was on the verge of cussing him out I really was but i'm going to write them & file a report with the better business bureau

Anonymous said...

I was able to find these at one Walgreen's in town. I only wanted Night Elf, and it rang up regular price. I tried getting the girl to mark it down but she wouldn't. I sent a complaint to Walgreens because they should be honoring their ads. I suggest you complain as well esp. since that guy was so rude to you. I wanted the palette badly but I can't justify buying it when they are lying to me.


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