Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its a Birthday Girl!

I was hired by a friend of a friend to do her make-up for her B-day Celebration.  
How Pretty is Jazmyn??? She had a great canvas to work with! She wanted something smokey & sensual but she's not used to wear a lot of make-up.  I stayed neutral and coordinated with her accessories which were gold.   I didn't get that many pix as her friends were arriving & she was busy so I wasn't trying to bother her having a mini photoshoot n front of her guests.

Foundation was custom mixed 
Concealer was custom mixed
Lipstick was custom mixed + Lancome Touched by Light Juicy tube
MUD cosmetics Buttercream loose powder
BARE ESSENTIALS Genuine Jade shimmer powder
MAC Rubenesque paint pot
MAC shadows -- Daisychain,  Glamor Check,  Mulch, Rich Flesh
MAC pigments -- Your Ladyship, Blonde's Gold, Reflects Gold
H.I.P. liner smudged out with MAC Carbon
LANCOME Hypnose Mascara
Ardel long flares


9 loving:

kileen said...

wow, absolutely stunning!! i love the neutrals here. and i find whenever i do makeup on other people, the foundation is always the hardest part. she looks flawless here!!

MakeUpbyLaura1 said...

Flawless! Great Job Done!!

blazeno.8 said...

You did a fantastic job! Although I'm sure she looked great before, she looks absolutely stunning in these pics!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I love how simple she came out. You can never go wrong with neutrals, gorgeous!

Beverly said...

@kileen im BIG on matching foundation! Its the biggest mistake a lot of people make & i hate it! I can usually match someone up really quick now after doing it for so long

@makeupbylaura Thank You!

@blazeno.8 thank you! She was gorgeous in person! She called me saying she had some skin issue concerns but u cant see them at all!

@hell notes for beauty no u can't and even tho it was basic she looked fab! She was the queen of her day without looking over the top even tho i added glitter

Sara.H said...

LOVE the look :) she looks gorgeous. Great job!

Eva JJ said...

love the smokey brown eye on her ... she has super shiny hair too! ... awesome look!

LJ said...

you did a great job! i <3 lancome juicy tubes ;)

babydoll said...



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